Three Questions on scenario

You are the chief Environmental, Safety and Health (EHS) professional for your small municipality and it is the first work day after the Christmas Holiday. You are settling in and looking forward to the typically nice and quiet period until the end of the year. So quiet of a time it generally is that you decided, for once, to let the rest of your staff enjoy the holidays with friends and family. The day has gone well, as you had expected and it is a little after noon when you receive your first phone call of the day.

The voice on the other end of the phone is a familiar one and after you exchange season pleasantries you are informed that there was a car fire in the City Hall parking lot and during the fire the car battery was destroyed, spilling its contents on the ground and possibly into the stormwater system.

1.Short answer essay questions for Scenario #1:Does this present an environmental hazard and if so does it need to be cleaned up? Who should do the clean up? 2.Short answer essay questions for Scenario #1:How should any material recovered from this site be disposed of? Can it be put into the city landfill? What if it is mixed with sand or an absorbent material such as kitty litter? 3.Short answer essay questions for Scenario #1:What potential hazards, if any, does this situation present to the stormwater system? Who, if anyone, needs to be notified?

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