This is a (large) chapter question sheet on the outsiders book.

This is a (large) chapter question sheet on the outsiders book.
I can’t find any answers anywhere. please do as many questions as you can on the book (I don’t care if you don’t finish as long as you do 10+ questions i’m fine.)
Chapter Questions; Answer in neat and complete sentences.
Chapter 1
1. Who is the narrator of the story?
Ponyboy Curtis

2. How does he feel about Soda?

He loves him more than anything he’s ever loved.

3. What happens to him on the way home from the movies?

He gets jumped by Socs

4. What does Ponyboy say the difference between Darry and their father is?

5. What does Ponyboy think about Steve?

6. Who is the “character” of the gang? Why?

Two-Bit because he is always joking

7. What does Ponyboy do in biology class that surprises people?

8. What secret does Soda tell Ponyboy?

9. What do you think Soda meant when he told Ponyboy that Darry yells at him because he has a Jot of worries (p17)?

Chapter 2
1. Where are Johnny and Ponyboy when the chapter opens?

2. Why does Dally sneak in?

3. Who are the two girls they meet there?

4. Why does Dally leave and go somewhere else?

5. Who gets Dally to stop bothering the girls? Why is this surprising?

Johnny. It is surprising because Johnny usually wouldn’t stand up to dally

6. Why does Two-Bit tell them that Tim Shepard is looking for Dally?

7. Why do people tum and look as Ponyboy and Cherry go for refreshments?
Because a greaser is hanging out with a soc

8. Who are the people that beat up Johnny (hint: a gang and someone else)?

9. If someone tries to beat up Johnny again, what will he do?
He will stab them with his switchblade.

10. After Ponyboy tells Cherry the story about Johnny, what does she say (p34)? Do you think that’s true?

Chapter 3
1. What seems funny to Ponyboy as they walk to get the car?

2. What does Cherry see as the differences between the two gangs? Be sure to fill in your gang chart.

3. Who is Mickey Mouse?

Sodapop’s horse

4. What does Soda do when Mickey Mouse dies?
He cries. (This almost never happens.)

5. What do Ponyboy and cherry both like?
Watching sunsets

7. Why does Johnny get nervous when Bob drives up in his blue Mustang?

8. Who does Cherry confess she could fall in love with? Why?

9. What does Darry do when Ponyboy comes home late?

10. Why do you think Johnny says the gang isn’t the same as having your own folks care?

Chapter 4
I. How many Socs are in the park? What condition are they in?

2. What does Bob do to Ponyboy?

He starts drowning him.

3. What does Johnny do to help Ponyboy?
He stabs him with a knife.

5. Where do Ponyboy and Johnny go to hide out? How do they get there? Do you think this is a good hideout? Why or why not?

6. What happened the last time that Ponyboy and Johnny went to church?

The entire group of greasers came along and “fooled around”

Chapter 5
I. What does Ponyboy say you do “when you haven’t got anything to do” (p69)? What does he mean?

2. Who does Johnny say Ponyboy acts like? Why?

3. Why does Johnny cut Ponyboy’s hair? Why is this hard for Ponyboy?

So he can be disguised and blend in the country.

4. What book do they read together?

5. What do Johnny and Ponyboy swear they won’t do any more before they fall asleep?

7. What do you think the poem on p77 means?

8. Who comes to visit them?

9. What does Dally tell them is happening back in town?

1 0. Who is acting as a spy for the Greasers? Why do you think this person is spying?

Cherry Valance was the spy.

Chapter 6
1. Do you think the whole mess is Cherry’s fault?

2. What does Johnny announce they are going to do? Why?

3. Why doesn’t Dally want Johnny to tum himself in?

It burnt down.

5. How does Ponyboy describe Johnny as the two of them are inside the church (p92)? Why do you think Johnny is like that?

6. What does Darry do when he sees Ponyboy in the hospital?

7. What does Ponyboy finally realize about Darry?

8. What is Darry’s silent fear?

Chapter 7
1. Why were reporters interested in what happened to Ponyboy and Johnny?

2. What was Johnny’s physical condition after the fire?

3. What do the Curtis brothers like to eat for breakfast?

Eggs and chocolate cake

4. What information did Ponyboy Learn from the newspaper about him and his brothers?


6. Why did Randy want to talk to Ponyboy?

7. Why didn’t Randy want to fight in the rumble?

8. According to Randy, what should Bob’s parents have done differently? Why do you think this bothered Bob so much about his parents?

Punished him.

9. What does Ponyboy finally understand after talking with Randy? (Find the quote)

Chapter 8
1. What two things does Johnny ask Two-Bit and Ponyboy for when he is in the hospital?

A book and food

2. What does Johnny tell Ponyboy when they are alone in the hospital room?

3. Who else comes to visit Johnny? Why doesn’t he want to see her? Do you agree with his decision?

He doesn’t want to see his mom because she is abusive. I agree with his decision because it probably isn’t healthy for him to be yelled at.

He gives him his switchblade.

5. Why won’t Cherry visit Johnny in the hospital?

He killed Bob.

6. What did Cherry love about Bob?
That he

7. Why do you think Ponyboy asks Cherry about sunsets?
He doesn’t want her to cry and he wants to let her know that they are all people.

Chapter 9
I. Why do the Greasers get dressed up for the rumble?

2. What two things do Greasers have according to Ponyboy?

3. What are Darry, Soda, Steve, and Two-Bit’s reasons for fighting?

4. How do the boys describe Greasers?

5. How do the Socs look? What does Ponyboy say is important about looks?

7. How is Dally able to join the rumble?

8. What does Dally tell the police when he is stopped?

9. What are the last two things Johnny says? What do you think he means?

Chapter 10
1. What does the man who picks up Ponyboy notice about him?

2. Who calls the house? Why?

3. What happens to Dally? Why?

4. Do you think Ponyboy was right and that was what Dally wanted? Why?

5. What does Ponyboy think is different about what happened to Dally and Johnny?

7. What is Ponyboy worried that he did when he was sick? Why?

8. What did Johnny leave for Ponyboy?

Chapter 11
1. Whose picture does Ponyboy come across in Soda’s yearbook?

2. What does Ponyboy begin to think about when he sees this picture?

3. Ponyboy says he would rather have hatred than . Why do you think he says this?

4. Who comes to visit Ponyboy? Why do you think he is there?

5. Why doesn’t Ponyboy like people to come to his house?

7. What does Darry call Ponyboy? Why does Ponyboy like this?

Chapter 12
I. Who was at the hearing?

2. What does the judge ask Ponyboy?

3. Why do you think Ponyboy’s life is so mixed up after the hearing?
Because Johnny and Dally are dead.

4. What deal does Ponyboy’s teacher make? Why?

To do a theme project and if he does it, he will take his mark up to a “C” level.

5. What does Ponyboy do when he sees the Socs?

He brings out a bottle and goes after the Socs.

6. What does Ponyboy think is good about being tough? Do you agree?

8. Why does Soda get so upset?

9. What does Ponyboy realize about the lies he’s been telling?

10. What does Johnny want Ponyboy to tell Dally? Why?

11. What does Ponyboy decide to write about for his English assignment?
He decides to write about himself from leaving the theater to this point.

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