Think of 2 businesses – one that provides a product and one that provides a service – that seem to do an extraordinary job at customer service.


  1. In your opinion, is this related to how they have set up their operations and/supply chain? In what ways?


  2. Then, think of a specific business that does poorly at customer service SPECIFICALLY because of how it mangers its operations or supply chain; explain what it may be doing wrong and what it should specifically change to make its customer service better.


  3. Finally, for each business you picked write a simple operational objective ( i.e., what the firm is trying to accomplish for its customers, such as. “The operational objective of an closed track auto racing pit crew is to accomplish ANY neccessary engine, suspension, and body adjustments/ repairs to the car in 16 seconds or less, while filling the gas tank and changing four tires”.) This is not meant to be a research task, but rather your idea of what the companies are trying to do via operations management. Simple rewriting the mission statement is unacceptable because that is not written in operations management terms.


      400-600 words cities and References.

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