The Final Project “How To Win Obstruction Over”

The Final Project “How To Win Obstruction Over”
“Reality Is Broken” HRIT white paper; topics: People Stay Where They Play, Reality is Broken.
Role: You are a Strategic HR Business Partner of a firm with 150-500 FTE’s. You want to upgrade your current transactional HRIS system to a more Transformational System. But, the C’s don’t want to spend the money, in fact they want to cut HR cost. You need to sell them on the upgrade which means you’ve got to excite them. A great HRIT White Paper does that, excites them.
A great HRIT White Paper starts with a pitch: Reality Is Broken provides great pitch ideas. For example think about the Intrinsic Rewards of a good HRIT system in relationship to the book. How great HRIT leads to Satisfying work, a Fun HRIT Experience, Improved Social Connections and adds Meaning to the organizations mission. You want to connect the central ideas and excitement of the book to improving organizational performance. 2-pages, 10 quotes (cite page number only next to quote). Example (p. 12)
Followed by a Practical SDLC Outline Section: Address each SDLC phase (Planning, Implementation, Deployment, Maintenance, Transformation) 2 pages
Developed Resource: Resource List developed from email #4
Book Summary (2 pages)
Double spaced means 4 pages.

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