System Analysis and Design Research Paper

Need help from a teacher who is interested in the field of System analysis and Design who is very familar with writing in APA format and research.


Due: Friday April, 26, 2013 at 5:00 PM EST


Theories, Tools and Practices related to Systems Analysis and Design (SA&D) including (but not
limited to) the following topics:

Evolution of Systems Analysis and Design
Empirical Studies of SA&D methods
Principles and Methodologies
Initiating and Planning Systems Development Projects
Development Life Cycle
Soft Systems Methodology
Joint Application Design
Structured and Object Oriented SAD
Goal oriented SAD
Information Engineering
Expert Analysis and design
System Life Cycle
Specification Development
Requirement Discovery
Requirement Analysis Paradigm
Economics of SAD
Feasibility Analysis
Analysis Methods of Current Systems
Information Gathering Methods and Tools
Logical and Physical Design methods
Database Design
Data Design Methods
File Design
Business Process Modelling
Alternative Design Strategies
Decision Analysis
Risk Analysis
Knowledge based Analysis and Design
Model Driven Analysis
Accelerated Systems Analysis
Component Design
Comparative Study and Evaluation of SA&D methods

Implementation and Testing
Design of Testing
Testing of Design
Human Interface Design
Hardware Interface Design
Roles in Systems Analysis and Design
Project Management and Planning
Tools and Methodologies
Test data
Operation and Maintenance
Maintenance Planning
Performance Planning
Documentation Design
Software Engineering and Implementation
Automated Tools for SAD
Intelligent Systems
Unified Modeling Language
High Level System Design and Analysis using
Abstract State Machines
Emerging Tools for SAD
Formal methods of SAD
Application of Expert Systems in SAD
Intelligent SAD
Distributed Systems Analysis and Design
Models and methodology for agent-oriented
analysis and design
Software Quality Management
Case studies in systems analysis in Design
Success factors and best practices in SAD
Requirement Management Practices

Education Aspects of Systems Analysis & Design (SA&D), including (but not limited to) the following

Evolution of S&D Education
Issues and prospects in Classroom Education of SA&D
Issues and prospects in Distance Education of SA&D
Curriculum Design and Implementation
Standardized Curriculum
Teaching Programming and Software Development
Technologies for SA&D Education – CBT, Multimedia
Video and Audio Conferences etc.
Use of Online Resources – Forums, Virtual Communities,
Wikis, Digital Libraries etc.
Case Studies and Evaluation of SA&D Education
Exchange of Teaching Materials

Virtual SA&D Education
Pedagogical Models for SA&D Education
Philosophical Issues in SA&D education
Project Based Education
Problem Based Teaching and Learning
Collaborative Groupware
Group based Teaching and Learning
Tutorial Design
Assessment Techniques
CASE Tools in SA&D Education
SA&D Research in Classroom

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