Supplement Research Paper ****For Martin Writter ONLY****

Although I put is an English Homework, it is a Personal Trainer Assignment Instead ( it does not give me the option for personal trainer). Please see attachment.


After your interview is complete:

1. Write a short summary of the interview. DO NOT type the questions/answers as a list – this

assignment must be formatted as research paper.

2. Research the local laws and regulations for nutritional advice and supplement sales in your

area. According to the laws and regulations, as a certified personal trainer, how much

nutritional advice are you allowed to give a client?

3. Are there other certifications you can obtain that will allow you to give more nutritional

advice? What do the laws and regulations say about supplement sales?

4. How would you manage your risk when it comes to supplement sales?

Tips & Tricks

• This paper will be 4 paragraphs long (6-8 sentences per paragraph)

• Paragraph ONE: This should be a summary of your interview. DO NOT type a transcript of the


• Paragraph TWO: Researching this topic is tricky. You DO NOT have to find specific laws for

your area. I would recommend looking at the code of ethics supplied by ACSM or NASM.

Your NASM discusses supplementation in chapter 18.

• Paragraph THREE: Again, this may be a little difficult to research. You DO NOT have to find

specific laws for your area. I would look at the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics website This will be a HUGE help.

• Paragraph FOUR: Compile all of the information in paragraphs 1-3 and discuss how you will

deal with supplement sales, if at all. You may also discuss if you will provide any nutrition

advice to your clients. Be specific.

• Check your word count to make sure your paper meets the minimum word count (250 words).

• Check your spelling and grammar!

Standard Point Value

Student summarizes their interview with a fitness professional 20 points

Student discusses how much nutritional advice they are allowed to give based on

local laws or a professional code of ethics (ACSM, NASM, IDEA, etc)


1. What certifications does the professional posses? Bachelors Degree in Exercise Science. What is the professional’s educational background? Bachelors in Degree in Exercise Science only.

2. How many of the professional’s clients inquire about nutritional advice? Every client inquire about nutritional advice.

3. Based on the professional’s credentials, how much nutritional advice are they allowed to give your clients? They are allowed to give as much nutritional advice as the customer inquire about. However, they are not allow to give ANY recommendations.

4. Do they sell/recommend supplements? Yes. What is the general opinion in the field about supplements? The general opinion: Most supplements are very helpful such as protein.

5. Does the fitness facility they work for require personal trainers to sell or recommend supplements? No, they only advise clients if the client inquire about the supplements.

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