Stats Project


The final project for this course is the creation of a

  1. Statistical Report

. Based on the knowledge obtained in this course and previous course work, you examine the methodology used in collecting and analyzing statistical data. You must select a statistical data source with approval of your instructor. After the data is collected you must analyze and report your findings. Make sure to include topics discussed throughout this course.

Main Elements

The final project will be a Statistical Report that will include the solution data.Be sure to consider a statistical analysis project that applies to a real-life problem or situation. You may need to collect additional data as the course progresses as you will want to complete analysis associated with the content covered in this course. A comprehensive report must include the following elements:

 Statistical Report

· An overall description of the study

· The data and the means of collection

· The statistical methodology used for analysis of the data

· A summary of the results


  1. The Solution Data

· The problem statement

· The analyst statement

· The solution data inputs and outputs

Attachment is a sample

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