As we discussed. Look forward to working with you.

I do NOT want the Assignments to require you to do research, or to make you worry about getting the “right” answer, or to require you to have a strong background in any one particular field or topic.

What I DO want is for the subject matter of the Assignments to be so simple and straight forward, that you can Focus on your WRITING, Focus on your AUDIENCE ANALYSIS, Focus on your ORGANIZATION, Focus on your WORD CHOICES and VOCABULARY, and Focus on your STYLE.

So don’t look for DEEP and DIFFICULT Assignments. Instead, look for opportunities to THINK about the way you Communicate — are you successfully “selling” your points, your thoughts, and your ideas? How well have you Analyzed Your Audience?


During the 20th Century, there were numerous inventions in the field of Communication Technology that greatly changed the World. A partial list would include,


Modern Cameras


Modern Typewriters

Cell Phones



Fax Machines

Which of these communication technology inventions — (and you may indeed add something I have not listed, for my list is certainly not complete) — has had the most profound, or significant impact on how human beings communicate in the modern world? Why?

Write a letter to me — one page maximum — and discuss your opinion on this interesting (but not particularly earth shattering), question.

Try to think a bit about Human History — which one of these inventions may have had the most amazing impact or created the biggest change in the way Humans communicate with each other?

You do not need to restrict yourself to just one invention; you may discuss two or even three as having significant impact on communication in the modern world. But you must restrict yourself to only one page for your Letter.

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