Show Information Package & Lighting Shop Order:

Show Information Package & Lighting Shop Order:
You have been asked to provide lighting production for a local charity event, which will take place at
the Hershey Centre in Mississauga. The charity sponsors have contracted a local production company to
provide equipment, and the production company has agreed to provide a list of equipment they will donate to
the event.
There will be one musical group performing for this event “The Carpet Crawlers” and they will require some
specific lighting for their show. You will need to examine their requirements and incorporate them into your
overall lighting plot.
You will also need to provide lighting for a podium, at which speeches will take place throughout the evening,
as well as a basic stage wash to illuminate people coming up on stage to receive awards.
Based on the requirements of the event, band, and charity sponsors, and using the information provided by the
venue, Production Company and charity, you will need to create drawings and paperwork for the items listed
in the Assignment Deliverables.
Here is what the Band requires:
1. A front truss with 24K of wash lighting with a minimum of three colours.
2. A back truss with 36K of wash lighting with a minimum of four colours.
3. Four Specials from the FOH to light the Singer, Lead Guitar, Bass Player, and Keyboard
4. player.
5. A lighting console with a minimum of twelve sub-masters, each with bump buttons.
6. Two Follow Spots with five assorted colours.
7. Twelve Moving Lights – Profile – Martin Mac 700.
8. The front truss must be rigged at least 6’-feet downstage of the actual stage.
9. The band is not picky about colour choices, but they should be complementary and contrasting,
and work well in all combinations.
Jan. 2012
Here is what the Charity Producer requires for lighting:
9. Three Lekos from the front to light the podium.
10. Some kind of rear light for the podium.
11. A lightly coloured stage wash for awards presentations.
12. A lightly coloured backlight wash for the awards presentations.
13. A white cyclorama backdrop. The drop must be at least 20’ Feet High x 40’ feet wide.
14. All the trusses should have black truss skirts so they look nice.
Here is what the Production Company will provide:
15. 96K of stage lighting for stage washes and profile purposes.
16. Ten Par 64 6-Lamp Bars in the bulb designation you specify.
17. Twenty-four 1000W Strand 8”-inch Fresnel.
18. Twelve ETC Source 4 Ellipsoids in whatever lens degree you require.
19. Twelve Martin Mac700 Moving Lights.
20. One Cyclorama in whatever size specified.
21. Twenty pieces of 20-Inch square x 8-foot long box truss.
22. Four Racks of 250W ACL lamp bars.
23. Four Martin Atomic 3000 Strobes
24. Six Martin Mac 600 Wash lights.
25. One ETC 48 x 2.4K Sensor dimmer rack with two circuit pin patch.
26. As many MLD-208 6-circuit and 120V power distro’s as required.
27. As many 1-Ton chain motors as required.
28. As much lighting cable as is required.
29. As much rigging hardware as is required.
30. One GrandMA light console
31. Two Lycien 1.2K followspots
Here are the stage dimensions:
32. The stage will be 32’-feet wide.
33. The stage will be 24’-feet deep.
34. The stage will be 36”-inches high.
35. Upstage edge of the stage will be 16’-feet from west end.
36. The stage will have a black skirt all the way around.
37. The stage will have stairs on the DSR and DSL corners.
38. There will be a podium approx 4’ in, and 4’ up, from the DSR edge.
Here are the Hershey Centre venue details:
39. The stage will be at the West end of the main rink.
40. The rink floor surface is 180’-feet long x 60’-feet wide.
41. The first rigging beam location is 10’-feet from the rink end.
42. The rigging beams are 16’-feet apart.
43. There is one truck level loading dock available.
44. All rigging beams run north to south.
Jan. 2012
45. Power for all events is located 45’-feet from the center of the west end of the rink.
46. The rigging beams will carry 16,000.00 Lbs each UDL.
47. All rigging beams are 37’-feet from the rink floor.
48. All rigging is done from a Genie Industries 60-45 Zoom Boom.
49. The riser for FOH production will be 12’-feet deep x 24’-feet wide, and will be 75’-feet from
the DSC edge of the stage.
Assignment Deliverables:
Here are the deliverables needed for the Charity Producer:
50. A basic floor plan (in plan view) of the event showing the following details:
a. The location of the stage.
b. The location of rigging beams.
c. The location of the lighting trusses.
d. Where you want to put the dimmer.
e. Fixtures numbered for schedule clarity.
51. Your complete lighting plot with schedules showing truss lengths and locations, fixture
numbers, DMX addresses and colours used in all fixtures. It must include a complete legend for
purposes of clarity.
52. The schedules must be included with the plot.
Here is what the Production Company will need from you:
A Lighting Shop Order List showing the following:
53 Number of fixtures.
54. Fixture types.
55. Any bulb specifications for the PAR 64 fixtures.
56. Any lens tube specifications for the Source Fours.
57. A list of all the colours you need, and the gel frame sizes for each.
58. Amount of truss and connection hardware.
59. DMX Address’ list for all fixtures so they can be preset in advance.
60. What type of moving light power distribution you require.
61. A basic list of all the socapex, power, data and feeder cable you think you need.
62. All soft goods required
63. All motors, motor control and motor cable required.
64. All rigging hardware up and down required to assemble lighting structure.
65. All equipment required at Front of House
66. Any additional items and consumables you think you will need.

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