Retail Management-Market and Retail Trend Analysis Assignment AP format

Submit the market and retail trend analysis portion of your retail management project. Refer to the Retail Management Project Description and

Scoring Guide


Market and Retail Trend Analysis

Scoring Guide to ensure you meet all of the evaluation criteria.




To be an effective retail manager, you must be able to formulate strategies to move the business forward. This course project will give you an opportunity to wear the many hats of a retail manager and learn to analyze situations to formulate successful business strategies. For your course project, you will watch different sections of an animation detailing aspects of a fictitious retail organization called the Country Store. Based on the Country Store, you will complete the following components:

Market and Retail Trend Analysis 

Watch the “Market and Retail Trend Analysis” section of the Country Store animation and analyze the products of the Country Store and describe how they relate to the business.

Assess the applicable market and retail trends and determine how to adapt the Country Store to align with the trends.

Conduct a SWOT analysis to the product mix and evaluate the impact the product mix has on the business.

Provide a paragraph about your store and what makes people bypass other stores and come to your store.

 Scoring Guide 




Describes products and how they relate to the company’s daily store operations of a business.(25%)


Analyze the operation of the business.

Assesses and aligns business with applicable market and retail trends.(25%)[Competency] Evaluate retail environments.
Conducts a comprehensive SWOT analysis of product mix to evaluate the impact on the business.(25%)[Competency] Evaluate retail environments.
Distinguishes products, visual merchandising, and marketing of store and how it differs from the competition.(25%)


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