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Read the following post.  S
ubstantively comment on the entry comments of no less than 200 words.


The response must beOur implication in economies of slavery is structurally similar to German citizens implications in systematic murder of Jews during World War II. Just as the Jews were gathered and taken to the camps, people are gathered all over the world and taken to work. All of the people have lived or are still living under the threat of violence and unable to leave the situation. In the slavery video it mentions that the people are used to work and then tossed away like garbage. The gathering and murdering of Jews was similar. They were human lives taken for granted and tossed away like garbage, piled upon one another in mass graves. In both circumstances the rights of all the victims were and are extremely violated.

The dangers of customary behavior can happen when people are so use to their customs and culture, that they don’t second guess them. Such as issues that deal with inhumane or immoral conduct. One must go against the cultural norm to stop the customary behavior. There are also times when customary behavior is necessary. It helps societies in making a platform for what is acceptable and what is not. Most of the time, a moral life can be distinguished by the fact that an individual is following customary behavior. When they deviate or try to change things, they can be seen as immoral.


3. Another way of talking about ‘customary behavior’ is the expression ‘doing what people do’, or ‘that’s just what people do’, or something to that effect. Write about some ways that we ‘do what people do’ that is indicative of the kind of thing Bohme is talking about. Then, write about any practices you can think of that are moral practices in the sense that Bohme means. I had a hard time being able to answer this prompt. Bohme is extremely difficult for me to follow and understand. I find myself really confused by his writing style. However if I just write about what I see people doing because thats what they do, I would have to say life in general. Most people wake up eat, carry out daily routines and sleep, only to get up and do it all the next day.


 I was surprised at the amount of items I use that encompass slavery. How is that possible, and is there any way around it? It seems as if everyone plays a role in it just as if it were customary. However, we all know that it is not moral. How does one go about changing these slavery practices? If I don’t even know what I am doing to cause or encourage slavery, how is it possible to stop? Is it possible to find out the origin of every product I use? For that matter, is it possible to find out those products products? I know that any moral life I may live is inherited, taught, and believed. It is all around me in society and culture. Ultimately I understand that I am responsible for my own morality and to question the customary practices of my times

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