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Enterprise Architecture Framework Research Paper

Purpose of this Assignment

This assignment gives you the opportunity to apply your research skills, analysis, and critical thinking skills to describe one of the enterprise architecture (EA) frameworks. This will provide you an opportunity to gain an in-depth understanding of one of the frameworks commonly used. This assignment specifically addresses the following course outcomes:

· describe enterprise architecture (EA), the appropriate application of EA frameworks, and an overall ongoing EA program

· analyze and examine how enterprise architecture and enterprise systems influence, support, and enable an organization’s ability to contribute to strategic decision making and to respond and adapt to the business environment


Select one of the enterprise architecture frameworks listed below:

· Zachman Framework

· The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF)

· Federal Enterprise Architecture Framework (FEAF)

· DoD Architecture Framework (DODAF)

· Treasury Enterprise Architecture Framework (TEAF)

Research and write a paper that describes the chosen framework and explain its strengths and weaknesses. Your description should include the framework’s purpose, scope, principles, and the kinds of structures it uses, as appropriate to the framework. You should find at least two examples of organizations that have used the framework and briefly discuss them.

Your paper will be graded on both the accuracy and completeness of your description; it needs to clearly and completely define the framework and its strengths and weaknesses. Illustrations will enhance your paper if they contribute to an understanding of the framework.

Your paper should be 3-


pages in length (not counting any cover sheet or reference pages). The use of at least three external scholarly resources (other than class materials) is required. You should use scholarly journals (rather than Wikipedia and authorless website postings). If you need assistance with determining what a scholarly journal is, the UMUC library is a very good source of information, accessed via the following link:

. Remember to correctly cite and reference all sources using APA format.

Submit your paper in Word format via your Assignments Folder as an attached document with your last name included in the filename.

Grading Rubric

Use the rubric below to be sure you have covered all aspects of this assignment.





















Full Points

Partial Points

No Points

Possible Points

Points Earned


A sophisticated introduction sets the stage for the paper.

The introduction adequately sets the stage for the paper.

No introduction included.



Description of Framework

Description of framework is clear and complete and demonstrates sophisticated understanding of course concepts.

Description of framework may be somewhat clear or complete, and/or may demonstrate adequate understanding of course concepts.

Description of framework is not included.



Sophisticated description covers purpose, scope, principles, types of structures used, as appropriate to the selected framework.

Description adequately covers purpose, scope, principles, and types of structures, as appropriate to the selected framework.

No coverage of these areas is provided.


Strengths and Weaknesses of Framework

Strengths and Weaknesses identified are clear, compelling, and directly related to the framework, demonstrating a sophisticated understanding of course concepts, analysis, critical thinking, and synthesis.

Description of strengths and weaknesses may be somewhat clear, may be somewhat compelling or somewhat directly related to the framework; may demonstrate adequate understanding of course concepts, analysis, critical thinking, and/or synthesis.

No strengths or weaknesses identified.


Examples of Use

More than two examples of organizations that have used the framework are identified and pertinent points are included in the discussion, using sophisticated writing.

Two or fewer examples of organizations may be presented and/or may be somewhat directly related to use of the framework, and/or may not be adequately discussed.

No examples of use of the framework are presented.

External Research

More than three scholarly sources other than the class resources are incorporated and used effectively, contextualized, appropriately researched and supported, and synthesized with original arguments. Sources used are credible, relevant and timely.

Three or fewer sources other than the class resources may be used; may or may not be properly incorporated or used to support arguments; may rely too heavily on the reporting of external sources, and/or are not effective or appropriate; and/or are not credible, relevant, or timely.

No external research incorporated.


A sophisticated conclusion appropriately closes the paper.

The conclusion is somewhat appropriate and adequately closes the paper.

No conclusion is provided.


Paper reflects effective organization and sophisticated writing; correct structure, grammar, and spelling; presented in a professional format; references used are appropriately incorporated and cited using APA style.

Paper is somewhat well organized, and/or contains grammar and/or spelling errors; and/or is somewhat professionally presented; and/or does not follow APA style for references and citations.

Paper is extremely poorly written and does not convey the information.

TOTAL Points


100 points = 15% of final course grade

Points Recorded (total points x .15)


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