Raising Security Awareness- Phyllis Young

Presentation Assignment #3 Shared Security Issue/Topic Paper (20 %) – Objectives #1 – 12

Students will be required to make a “presentation” in the form of a submitted paper in the Presentation: Shared Research Paper under classroom conference. The student will select one of the over twenty (20) topics below, research no less than three (3) articles, preferably five (5), regarding the following subjects, or issues below. The student should take care to select academic, or professional articles of substance to be included in their research so it adds learning value. Use newspaper articles and other secondary sources sparingly.

The paper should answer all of the following questions:

Introduce the importance of the security issue/topic. This should include, why you selected the issue and/or topic and providing a CLEAR PURPOSE STATEMENT.

What is the different author’s perspective, evidence, or claim regarding the topic, or issue?

Compare and contrast the articles. Where do they agree, or do NOT agree? If there is some uncertainty, please state the reasons why while discussing any implications.

How does this reading align with the textbook?

After drawing comparisons and making discussion of the issues and/or topic, share your perspective, critique, position and what is based upon. Give any recommendations to other classmates about what you have discovered, particularly if they have interest in the subject matter.

There will be an ASSIGNMENT – CONFERENCE where you may share your learning and knowledge gained during your research.

The paper will follow APA guidelines and will include a cover page with the student’s name, title, and date submitted. Please do not forget to upload your paper when completed, into your assignments folder for grading.


My Topic is: Raising Security Awareness

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