Psychology : The Education Paradox .. you must send me the resources you cite in an email or download

Chapter 13

Writing Assignments

 To receive full credit, assignment must be doubled spaced, 12 point font, 3 pages, and turned in by due date. Proper grammar and English must be used.  Please have someone proof read your paper in order to catch errors, and do not change the default margin settings.


This chapter raises several issues related to schools and children’s development. In our society, we still look to education as the basic way to affect our children’s development. This is somewhat paradoxical in light of all the criticisms of our educational system (why Johnny cannot read, write, spell, and do simple math). Explore this paradox: Do you merely see a college education as a way to earn more money or gain entry into certain careers, or do you also see further education affecting the way you live your life? Do you share the opinion that U.S. schools are failing in their attempts to educate children?

You must give facts to support your opinions about schools.


please check your grammer and make sure it does not reflect a paper from overseas research.  Enclose the articles and references you use. ( meaning send me the link…. or the download of what you USED

 Chapter 13 

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