promotional mix for a boutique hotel

Discuss the percentages you assigned to the elements comprising the promotional mix for the boutique hotel. Which option did you emphasize the most? The least? Why?

This activity asks you to choose a promotional mix for the boutique hotel. You assign percentages to each of the promotional components until you have allocated the full 100% of your promotional efforts. Promotional components for which you do not assign a percentage will default to 0%.


The choices are – out of 100% give each one the percentage you think it needs/deserves:

Personal Selling + Public Relations + Sales Promotion + Advertising = ___ %


Ask someone in your organization (hotel) about the promotional mix for one or more of your organization’s products. Does your organization emphasize different elements at different points in the product life cycle, or at different points in the selling season? If so, in what way and why? What does your organization consider to be the most effective elements in the mix and why


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