At ACME Hammers, Inc., salesmen are paid a commission based on two different factors: whether they are full or part-time, and of course on how much they sell. Part-time salesmen are paid a simple commission on all amounts sold; however, full time salesmen earn a commission that varies based on the amount of sales.
Write a program that prompts a salesman to enter his/her status and total sales. Compute/display the following: their status; total sales; commission rate applied; the commission ($) earned (the appropriate rate times the sales); and the value of total sales minus commission (basically the company’s profit from their work).
The following table details the commission rate paid, based on status and total sales:
P Any amount 3.5
F Below 10,000.00 5
F 10,000.00 & above 7.5
(*P: part-time; F: full-time)
(Note: if you don’t sense the need for a loop in this program, your senses are correct: a loop is not required. You will be looping in the final exam, though)
Your data dictionary, a complete flowchart, and the zipped C++ solution directory. Submit your exam files using the Midterm Exam #2 dropbox.
EXTRA CREDIT (5 pts) Format this report as if this were just the first entry in a multi-page report of all salesmen in the company. The values need to be spaced across the page under column headers, just like a professional report would appear. Give the report an important-sounding title. Even though you will end up with only one set of sales data displayed, make it appear as if hundreds more lines will be forthcoming. (After the data is displayed, you could have a note like “To be continued…”)
Important: this is an exam. You are not to discuss any aspect of this exam with anyone, either a fellow student or anyone else.

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