Deliverable Length: 10-12 slides w/speaker notes of 300-350 words for   

The time has come to select your two proposed target countries for EduTot’s expansion. Prepare a 10–14 slide presentation complete with speaker notes (300–350 words for each slide). Your selection justification should include the following:

1. Evaluate the infrastructure of the target countries, and explain the ability of the country to distribute, promote, and properly price the EduTots products.

2. Identify the capacity of the education systems to utilize EduTots products.

3. Identify and address any special considerations or impact of cultural, religious, or political situations.

4. Evaluate the demographics, cultural, religious, and political environments in the two potential expansion markets.

5. Determine the potential demand for EduTot-type products in the selected expansion markets.

6. Discuss cultural issues regarding education practices of which EduTot’s marketing and technical teams need to be aware if they will be doing business in the selected countries.

You are only working with: Spain, Ireland, France, Morocco, or Venezuela

Make certain your work conforms to the requirements of the APA format. Be sure to reference all sources using APA style.

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