Physical Science Homework Important

Physical Science questions, the answers do not need to be long paragraphs, I only need them to be long enough to answer the question correctly, if the entire question is answer it does not need a word count or anything.  Thank you


Describe the impact of adjustment to stress (strain) on the surface of the Earth.


If there were a serious (8 on the Richter scale) earthquake in California, how might it effect Washington? How might that effect Idaho and Wyoming?


One of the problems of understanding the workings of ecosystems is that it is not possible to hold everything constant and change only one variable.Why is this true?


What effects might this have on the interpretation of observations or experiments?


How might the law of unintended consequences play a role in the effects of legislation to limit greenhouse gas emissions?


What industries will be affected?


How might this affect ones daily life?


I actually have more but need to know that these can be answered corretly, thank you in advance,


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