Periodic Properties WebQuest for dickson only

Use the Periodic Properties WebQuest Handout here. Complete the handout using the links below. Submit your completed WebQuest at the Periodic Properties WebQuest Assignment.

WebElements Interactive Periodic Table

Periodic Nature of Properties: WebQuest

Elements are substances with specific physical and chemical properties, and each element is unique—no two elements have exactly the same properties. The periodic table arranges the elements on the basis of their properties.

Click on the Elements link at the Chem4Kids web site. Use this information and the information at the Interactive Periodic Table to learn more about the periodic table and its arrangement of elements.

1. How is the placement of an element determined?

2. What is a period? How many periods are found in the periodic table?

3. What is a group? How many groups does the periodic table contain?

4. How are the atomic structures of elements within the same period similar?

5. How are the atomic structures of elements within the same group similar?

Now examine the periodic table and the properties of elements in more detail. Use the periodic table web sites to explore the similarities and differences between elements. Elements within the periodic table are often grouped into categories. Complete the chart below to find out the characteristics of these categories.



























Element Category

Location of this element category in the periodic table

Names and symbols of five elements in this category

General properties of elements in this category

Alkali Metals


Alkaline Earth Metals

Transition Metals

Other Metals




Noble Gases

Rare Earth Elements

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