Online Ethics Course

I am looking for someone to complete an online ethics course for me.  I have all the texts available electronically.  The course requires weekly discussion posts, responses to discussions, a response to a response, a weekly journa entry about the readings and one essay.  I have inclused a copy of the syllabus.  Please review th syllabus before responding to ensure you know what is needed.  I prefer a person that is an expert of the English language.

Course Requirements

There will be four criteria for evaluating your grade in the course:

Reading Journal:





30% (3 @ 10% each)

Blog entries and comments:

Reading Journal:

You will be required to keep a journal each week and submit it to the instructor for grading and feedback. The journal will consist of reflections and interactions with the texts that were assigned for reading during that week, and will be due before 11:59pm on Monday of each week.

Unless otherwise specified, the texts for the reading journals will be the reading on the syllabus for the upcoming week. This means that you will generally write on texts which we have not yet discussed in our weekly forums. This work serves two purposes: (1) An evaluative tool for Prof. Moyer to track the progress of reading in conjunction with the other work reliant on that reading; and (2) to challenge the student to critically, thoughtfully, and dialogically engage with the readings in written form.

Each reading journal will be 600 words in length, unless amended downward by Prof. Moyer.

Format and style: While the reading journals should be written informally, they should demonstrate good grammar and style, which means that they should be edited, proofread, and minimally revised. The relevant texts should be cited appropriately according to either APA or MLA format (the student’s choice), but no bibliography is needed.

The content of the reading journals is largely left to the judgment of the student and her creative, thoughtful, dialogical interaction with the text. That said, each journal must demonstrate a familiarity with the text and an honest and thoughtful attempt to think through the ideas of the text.
Each journal must engage with specific parts of the text, and include short quotations to support and exemplify the student’s reading of the text. Each journal must attempt to make connections with previous conversations and texts, in the service of allowing the student to critically develop her voice in a free but rigorous writing context.

Except in extraordinary circumstances, reading journals may not be submitted after their due date.

Discussion/blog entries and comments:

Once per week students will contribute entries to the ‘Discussion Board’ available on Blackboard 9.1 for that week. Each week, I will develop prompts for the blog entries, based on our readings, earlier discussions, and other activities for that week. Entries will vary in length (usually between 450 and 750 words), and will ask students to engage specific questions and activities for that week.

In addition to students’ own blog entries, each student will be required to substantively comment on the entries of two other students (in comments of no less than 200 words). Finally, each student will be required to comment on at least one other student’s comment on another student’s entry. (in a comment of no less than 200 words).

To summarize, each week students will contribute the following to our blog:

1. A primary entry of the student’s own creation (usually between 450 and 750 words).

2. Two comments on other students’ primary entries (no less than 200 words).

3. At least one comment on the comment of another student (no less than 200 words).

Except in extraordinary circumstances, discussion/blog entries may not be submitted after their due date.


(Note on writing expectations. Beginning AY2011-2012, the 200 level philosophy classes at Chemeketa have the following prerequisite: “Placement into WR121; or completion of WR115 with a grade of C or better recommended”. Students are therefore expected to demonstrate proficiency in writing consistent with this prerequisite. A more detailed writing rubric will be discussed and distributed in class. If you are unsure whether your level of writing will demonstrate this proficiency, please schedule a meeting with Prof. Moyer to discuss resources available to you through the College. Additionally, see ‘Support Services’ below.)

Students will write a five-page essay, due no later than 4:59pm on Wednesday of finals week. Details of the essay will be discussed in class, and a rubric and instructions distributed. The goal of the essay will be to synthesize concepts and work of the class in a critical application to students’ personal and social contexts.


There will be three quizzes throughout the term. They will consist of short answer questions and one or two essay questions. The quizzes will be made available on the Tuesday of weeks 4, 7, and 10, and must be completed no later than 11:59pm on the Friday of each of those weeks. Each quiz will be worth 10% of the course grade.

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