News Essays

Project descriptions

Assignment 1:  News essay.  Based on the reading in our text and on the material

  1. in our classroom, apply the concepts and principles we have been discussing to analying a current news event  related to women’s studies.  You should choose a current news article (one with an author and date) that you believe would be useful to discuss in a women’s studies class.  Using the material from our class and text, make connections between your article and women’s studies.  What is the event?  What sides of a debate have been set up?  What ideas about women are highlighted in the article?  Is the article positive regarding women, or negative?  You should write 700-1000 words, and document the news article and our textbook or related materials in MLA or APA format.  You should not need to do any outside research for this except for the article and our course materials.
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