Negoation Situation – ProTeach requested

I have to write a three-to-five page paper about a negoation. For this assignment, preferably discuss a negotiation that did not result in the best possible solution for all parties. This negotiation can relate to a work experience, a family or friend experience, or any other experience where you were an active member of a negotiation.


Discuss how the negotiation experience actually happened, then consider the negotiating techniques that you have learned about in the past four weeks of class, and then offer an explanation of how you could have conducted the negotiation better. Explain where your new learning from the course might have been helpful in this previous negotiation.


Deliverable: Three-to-five page paper outlining your response to the above assignment


This doesn’t have to be work related, business like negotiation. this can be anything. I’m could write something but i’m concentrating on another class this week.

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