Nature vs. Nurture

1. The Jukes family and the Kallikak family have been subjects of studies pertaining to the nature versus nurture issue and crime. Current studies have been collected that show that juveniles who are raised in families where family members have been incarcerated have an increased likelihood of following the same path. Are the characteristics of offenders carried down through families? Is it nature or nurture? Look at these studies, and describe the characteristics. Try to explain both sides of the issue (both nature and nurture) that bring out the characteristics of people who are more likely to go to jail.

You can find information on these 2 families at the following Web sites, but be sure to look at more than just these 2 Web sites:



2. What legal rights of prisoners in a jail setting are assumed? Take a look at the setup of the jail system in Maricopa County, Arizona. This has been quite a controversial subject in both the news and in the academic community. Does the state have the right to make the inmates wear pink underwear? Does the state have the right to give them bologna sandwiches for lunch? What about denying the inmates air conditioning in the sweltering Arizona sun? Support your reasons for stating that this treatment is either correct or a violation of their rights. Be sure to cite all sources using APA style

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