Click HERE to log into the A+ testing system. Select the English 1 Assessments class from your list by double clicking on it. Click on Lessons. Select English 1 Assessments from the drop down menu. Please take the English 1 midtest. Do not move on to the other tests at this time. You will be asked to take those later.  After you take the test you will see a test results screen. When you are done reviewing your results click the back arrow button. After your data is saved you will be returned to the assignment list. Click the back arrow button (upper left hand corner) to return to the screen where you select “Lessons” or “Progress”. Select progress. Take a screenshot that shows your name, the test names, and the date they were completed. You may need to click in the blank lines in order for all of your data to show up. Submit this screen shot here. 
 When you complete each test a new assignment list will be created covering the information you may need some extra resources on. Please feel free to return to the website at any time to review the information in the lessons there. 

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