Media & Culture communications Topic position paper/audio presentation

See attached Document.


Textbook is called Media & Culture: An Introduction to Mass Communication. 8th Edition By: Richard Campbell, Christopher R. Martin, and Bettina Fabos, if you can find it online.


This project includes a paper and audio presentation. I need a female to record the audio.

COMM 305: Media Critique and Position Assignment


This is your final assignment in this class before the final exam. You will choose and debate a topic of media-related controversy drawn from discussions and readings in this course. I have compiled a list of general topics on the impact of the mass media in contemporary society (see below) and your assignment is to take a position and support a topic with compelling evidence using a variety of sources. Do not limit yourself to anecdotal examples to prove your points. Make sure you devote enough time to this task: use your time effectively and identify the examples you need to use to substantiate your arguments. Please, contact me should you need any help with identifying sources for your project. Tip: our book contains a lot of examples and lists of sources for each of these topics. Make sure you start there.


This final assignment includes a voice presentation in which you will discuss your topic and debate your arguments for or against it. Your presentation should be in the from of audio/podcast file. Make sure you present your topic first, lay out your argumentation and stake out your position. Option: Contact me in advance if you think you need some extra help with your presentation.

List of potential topics:


. The media are quite powerful vs. the media are not so powerful.

2. Media content is poor and getting worse vs. media content is good and getting better.

3. Journalism can be objective vs. journalism will always be subjective.

4. The media and government should not be adversaries vs. the media and government should be adversaries.

5. Consolidation of ownership in the media helps democracy vs. consolidation of the media hurts democracy.

6. American media import culture and not innocent products vs. American media import just commercial products for consumption.

7. Media promote violence in society vs. violence in the media is pure entertainment and does not have consequences on audiences.

8. Advertisers are too close to the editorial board of the media vs. advertisers are only interested in selling their products.

9. The Internet will experience the same end as other media technologies in terms of ownership vs. the Internet will always be free and neutral.

Format of the paper

· 6-7 pages, double-spaced, 12-point type, stapled, with title, names, and date on upper left corner.

· Include work cited page at the end and follow a correct bibliographic format (MLA, APA, or any other as long as you are consistent throughout the paper).

· Margins: 1 inch top and bottom, 1.25 inches left and right.

· Number pages in lower right corner;



Final Project Due: Sunday April 14

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