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Imp a class that maintains a list of the top 10 performers in a video game. An entry on the list consists of the score and the name, and the list is kept in descending order of scores.This is an example


Jim   110

Bob 95

Harry 65

Larry 34

 a class based on linked ls. This class should have a constructor that sets up an empty list, and a void insert(String n int scor) method that adds a name and a score pair to a list. The insert method puts the entry in the proper position so that the list stays sorted by score. The list should have a max size of 10. After the list has 10 elements, an attempt to add a name with a score that is less than or equal to the minium score on the list is ignoand adding a score that is g than the minium score cuases an entry with the minium score to be dropped off the list.

Test the score with t aphical user interface similar to LinkedL10. The graphical interface should support a single cd of the form

insert name score 

A example of command is “insert Pimp 111.”

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