Information Tech Paper

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You will apply the basic steps of the
Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC)
to building the IT infrastructure for an electronic health care data system for an urgent health care facility* by addressing what actions are taken and what decisions are made in each phase. Some of the key technical issues to address include privacy, security, shared resources, data format, storage and common file format.  The results should be presented in a 1800 to 2400 word paper (no more than 1.5 line spacing and no more than 12 point type) that details each step in the
with an emphasis on the technology outcome. Identify which approach you will employ, but clearly articulate the steps used to:


1. Complete a preliminary investigation, requirements analysis, and system recommendation

2. Specify a detailed design based on your set of requirements.

3. Develop the system according to your design specification.

4. Outline how you would test the system and gain user acceptance.


Post both the draft and final plans into your Assignments Folder.


In your submission, be sure to include any references used in APA style (see the tutorial in the COURSE CONTENT menu) for your source information in a bibliography as well as cite them within the body of your paper.  Be sure to check your work for spelling and grammatical errors
submission.  Yes, spelling and grammar count. The intent of these topics is to provide you with an opportunity to hone your writing skills. 

Grading: This activity is awarded 20% of the total grade in the course. The total number of points for this activity will be set to 100.  The weight in the grade book will be set to 5% for the draft and 15% for the final plan. The elements are assessed as follows:


3.75 points

11.25 points

3.75 points

11.25 points

3.75 points

11.25 points

3.75 points

3.75 points

11.25 points

2.5 points

7.5 points


Draft Value

Final Plan

Preliminary investigation


75 points



25 points

Requirements identification and analysis

System design

System implementation

System test plan

2.5 points

7.5 points

Assignment Management

1.25 points

Organization and Structure

Readability, Style, Mechanics


25 points 75 points


* (Note that your design must comply with Congressional regulations. Since 1996, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) details patient privacy and regulations for health care-related businesses.  In addition to HIPAA, there were two acts passed by Congress in 2009 that specifically garnered support for migrating to electronic medical records (EMRs).  The Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act is specifically geared at providing financial incentives to health care organizations that migrate towards EMRs, with the intention of eventually replacing the incentives with penalties if providers do not institute electronic record keeping.  The second is the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act (ARRA), which institutes funding for comparative effectiveness research (CER).  Analysis and aggregation of anonymized patient data in regards to conditions, treatment and progress can provide an invaluable source of CER to physicians and healthcare organizations in the treatment of patients.)

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