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Beth 1

Talia Beth

Professor Creagh

English 101

March 14 2013

Affording College

If I could create a club on campus, I would create a club that can be very beneficial for all, or at least most students on campus. Many students are suffering from some financial trouble and are in desperate need of aid. Of course there are some scholarships and federal loans that can help those who are in need, but those loans may not cover other college expenses such as dorms, parking permits, text books, and other supplies required.If only there was some way that students can come up with a simple idea to financially survive their college years. A club that I think can be very beneficial for college students is a club that students can work together to help raise money for those who cannot afford the college life they wanted.

Education is something everyone deserves to have; unfortunately, not everyone can afford to earn it. The campus club I would create would search for scholarship opportunities and invite students to apply for them. Looking for scholarships to apply for is very hard because it is hard to know if it is legit or a scam. It is also very time consuming to even search for one. If a group of students worked together and pulled their own strings, the search for scholarships and loans would be a lot easier, and they can be able to share it with the rest of the students. Meetings can be held, with seminars and guest speakers to advise students how to apply for scholarships with a better chance of being granted. Some speakers can help give financial advice and announce grants opportunities. This program can help students get to where they need to afford a college education. To get someone to afford to go to college can be tricky, but when everyone is working together, it makes it a whole lot easier.

Not only is it college tuition that students should worry about, but also on campus expenses. This is where college students can help raise money for each other. College students need to provide everything for themselves such as scantrons, text books, and other supplies. Although these supplies may not cost much, each one adds up for every class, every test, and every assignment that does turn out to cost a fortune. Even buying a parking permit is also stressful because they are about two hundred dollars and need to be purchased every semester. One way that students can help each other to relieve this stress is by raising money to help students afford these college necessities. There are many fundraising systems that can be used to raise money, such as car washes, donations, clothe sales, bake sales, etc. The more people who join, the more can be earned.

Earning the money will require a lot of work, but it gives the opportunity for many people to gain experience and friends. This club can be rewarding in many ways. It can help those who are in need for college funds, grant experience, and provide peers. The club will not have to be very time consuming, so that many students can work and maintain good grades. The club will hold short meetings in reasonable hours throughout the week. The events will take place on weekends and school breaks during the early hours of the day so that it does not consume a lot of the students time. The morestudents who join the club, the less hours they will need to spend. There can be the same meeting going on several times a day just so that the time is flexible and students can join whichever meeting they are able to attend. The flexible hours can also be beneficial for the students because they can focus on their other priorities. Making friends is also a big plus for many college students. Students will be able to learn a lot about each other, their history, where they come from, and it can help them understand each other. This club offers many advantages for its members.

The money earned from this club can be distributed in any way the members prefer. The members can decide to distribute the money between themselves, or give the money to those who desperately need it and have good reasons as to why they need it. Another way the money can be distributed is towards the school so that the school can lower the prices of their merchandise and supplies. Any method or idea that any student comes up with to evenly distribute the aid can be considered and voted. Whichever method seems the most fair and reasonable will of course be considered as well. The more money raised, the more ideas can be used to help many college students. Members of the club will of course get priority, because their hard work must be rewarded. The idea of this club is to work together to help each other financially survive college.

Whether it is the cost of tuition, living conditions, supplies, food, or college necessities, a club to help unite these students to work together for each other can help make college more affordable. This club contains many benefits for those who join, which can attract many more students to join this club. It can help provide useful information and better chances of getting great scholarships or loans. It also provides the ability to gain experience and to make friends. There are many fundraising programs to contribute to, and the hours are flexible so that students can maintain on other priorities as well. Best of all, the money earned will be very rewarding to those who have joined, and many other students on campus who are in desperate need. The club that I would make on campus will be a club that’s different than the usual clubs. The club that I will make will be a club that will be beneficial for anyone on campus to be able to afford college, and enjoy the college life they wished for.

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