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Lifespan Visual Activity

This activity involves representing ideas with images. Students are to complete one page of images each week for 8 weeks to represent the 8 major periods of lifespan development: birth, toddler [1-2 years], early childhood [2-6 years], middle childhood [6-12 years], adolescence [12-18 years], early adulthood [18-40 years], middle adulthood [40-60 years] and late adulthood [60-grave].

The images can be personal or taken from the Internet. The image page AND a 1-2 paragraph summary of how the image(s) represent the developmental milestones of that particular period of human development is due on Saturday by 11:59pm, with the first activity due on 3/2/2013.

Submission Dates:

3/2/13 – Module 3 Activity: Birth, Toddler, & Early Childhood

3/9/13 – Module 4 Activity: Middle Childhood

3/30/13 – Module 5 Activity: Adolescence

4/13/13 – Module 6 Activity: Early Adulthood

4/20/13 – Module 7 Activity: Middle Adulthood /Late Adulthood

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