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1# Select the statement on the right that accurately reflects a description of the career on the left. All statements in the drop-down menu will only be used once.

Mental Health Counselor

Rehabilitation Counselor

Substance Abuse Counselor

A- Assists individuals in obtaining optimum mental health.

B.- Assists individuals in handling the personal, social, and vocational impact of their specific disabilities.

C.- Assists individuals in dealing with addictions to drugs and alcohol.

2# Match the profession with the best description

Social Worker

Social Services Aide

Case Aide

A.- Works under supervision to assist clients in completing documentation or to refer clients to other agencies for assistance

B.- Helps people find employment, affordable housing, or necessary medical care

C.- Helps clients identify problems, assists in evaluating solutions, and aides client in finding appropriate useful resources.

3# Sally Jesse Raphael’s trademark red glasses were most likely physically created by a(n):

 a.- Ophthalmic laboratory technician

 b.- Costume designer

 c.- Optometrist

d.- Ophthalmologist

4# When Oprah Winfrey went on her whirlwind weight loss campaign, she hired a _________ to plan nutritious, healthy meals and to motivate her to eat properly.


b.Nutritional counselor

c.Nurse practitioner

d.Medical technologist

5# What career, which requires a bachelor’s degree, carries the responsibility of analyzing nutritional needs, designing diets, and conferring with doctors to make sure a patient’s nutritional needs are met?

A_ Registered Dietician

B_ technician

C_Nutritional Counselor

D_ Dietary Aide

6# Which professional completes the following tasks; -May change non-sterile dressings, make sure patients take medications, assist with prescribed exercises, and help patients with braces or artificial limbs -Assist patients in grooming, bathing and dressing, as well as moving patients from bed to a chair -Provide home management duties such as meal preparation, cleaning, laundry and shopping

 1. Nursing Home Activities Director

 2. Geriatric Care Manager

3. Home Health Aide

 4. Geriatric Social Worker

7# Martha Stewart was going away for a five-month “vacation” to a West Virginia corrections facility. She was very worried about who would care for her elderly mother while she was away from home. Martha decided to hire a(n) __________ to assist her mother during this five month period.

a.Substance abuse counselor

b.Geriatric care manager

c.Psychiatric aide

d.Art therapist

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