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Lab 4 – Exercises

In a wireless SOHO (Small Office/Home Office) network, the strength of the radio signal is (among

others) a function of the distance between the wireless Access Point (AP) (e.g., a wireless router) and

the computers wirelessly connected to the network. The longer the distance between the AP and a

computer, the weaker the radio signals.

Assume that the wireless SOHO network is based on the IEEE 802.11g protocol, case in which the

approximate maximum range between the AP and the computers is 125 ft.

Create a program that estimates the radio signal strength (%) – a range – for computers stationed at

different distances (ft) from the AP. In your design use 5 distance zones, and proportionally assign to

them signal strength ranges (%). For example, for a computer situated 10 ft away from the AP, the

estimated radio signal strength would be 100 – 80%.

Program Inputs:

• The distance from the computer to the AP (in ft, integer values, e.g., 2, 5, 100, etc.).

Program Outputs:

• The estimated signal strength (%) – a range.

Program requirements:

• The program must implement at a minimum three modules (or more if needed)

• During a single run, the program must be able to process multiple inputs.

• The prompt for data input is user-friendly (i.e., the user of the program does not see the

program’s variable names).

• Given that it is unknown how many data inputs the user will provide to the program, upon start,

display a message letting the user know how to terminate the current execution of the program.

• The program must display a title on the Visual Logic’s console.

• Program outputs are displayed on the Visual Logic’s console – one line after another, with user-

friendly labels.

Expected Submittals:

1. The Visual Logic program (50%).

2. Formal pseudocode (following the book syntax, proper indentation, with variable declarations,

etc.). Use Notepad++ to create the pseudocode (*.txt file) (50%).

IMPORTANT NOTE 1: If your Visual Logic code uses compound Boolean operators, make sure you read

the TIP on page 26, in the Visual Logic book.

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IMPORTANT NOTE 2: Test your program with multiple distance values, to insure that the outputs

(the corresponding signal strength ranges) are correct. In your design you must consider which signal

strength value the program will display, when the distance between a computer and the AP is larger

than 125 feet.

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