I need a problem , cause and solution for a persuasive speech about fast food…taking the proponent side ….

Hell everyone , so today im gonna tall about a subject that has been in a great position of debate ever since we have known it.Fast food , who doesn’t know what is fast food…?chicken , pizza , burgers tacos you name it….Mcdonald ,KFC ,burger king ,you could find those restaurant in almost every single corner in the streets.ever since it came to the existence, fast food has been facing a great wave of criticism .it has been blamed for being the main reason for health problems such as obesity , diabetes toy 2 and heart diseases.Im sure you guys herd or watch a movie called super size me by a man called morgan sperlock.This man wanted to show the negative side effect of the fast food.now lets wreak it down and see what this man did.this man ate 3 meals a day from mcdonald over a period of 30 days.at the end of this period , his health has deteriorated and he got several healt problems.now lets take another perspective for the situation.when a man consume that much food in such a short period of time he will eventually get fat and have healt problems.why…/?because everything in life has a cap or a limit.once you go pass that cap it will back fire on you.here is an example.water, a substantial thing for the livings, 75 percent of our body is water and yet scientist say that over consuming water could kill you.that condition is called water intoxication.there has been actually cases where people lost their lives because of water intoxication.In2007 , a woman who was competing in a radio station contest over a ninitendo wii lost here life after drinking to much water to win the contest.salt is another example,a very important element for our bodies yet if you over conch it you will get high blood presure.Red meats, I like it you like it yet it causes cancer and heart disease if you over consume it.See now we know that anything could be dangerous if we over consume it.what makes people think that fast food is bad for their heath is not the fast food itself but the life style that comes with it because the key to control your health is moderation and balance.I ll set my self as an example.Im a person who is not a fan of exercises and I eat fast food every week but im still healthy cause Im modrate about it.on the other hand , if a person eats a lot and moves a little eventually he will get health problems whether he eats fast food or home made food.my point is so what if we eat fast food , its not a big deal is ling as we are moderate.their is a side for fast food that makes it convenient to our modern life.we all have financial responsibilities like paying bills and rents .so for me to have a cheeseburger for a dollar and something plus taxs is really great .it saves me money.also most of as doesn’t even have the time to scratch their heads let alone cooking a meal.so after a long hard working day, mcdonalds and burgerking become you friend were you get in and out in 5 minuts with a sandwich in your hand.at the end I just want to say that life is to short to deprive your self from enjoying every single bit of it, so if you want to eat a cheeseburger go out and eat a cheeseburger and enjoy every bite of it just remember to be moderate

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