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Worksheet #3

Assigned Saturday, March 9, 2013

Response due Saturday, March 23, 2013


Research and provide answers for the following topics and terms.


The first government of the new United States of American existed

from 1777 to the drafting of the US Constitution in the summer of 

1787. It was replaced by the drafting of the US Constitution. 


Answer the following questions about this government, the people who helped create it, and the events during the 10-year life of this government that led to its replacement with the creation of the Constitution of the United States in 1787.


1. Provide a title and general description of the first government of the United States of America


1a. When and how was it was developed, what was the structure

      and where did the majority of power in this government



1b. What were the major strengths and/or weaknesses of this new

      government? Look specifically at issues of taxation, foreign

      diplomacy, interstate trade, national prestige, both executive

      and judicial authority.


2. The terms “conservative” and “liberal” are continually misused by modern people to describe North American colonists who wanted to remain part of the British Empire, and colonists who wanted to separate from the British Empire. 


Using a standard, but very general, definition of the terms:


 “conservative” is someone who resists change, considers any type of change to be “radical,” believes in maintaining either the status quo, or returning to some past time period when life was theoretically better.

“liberal” is someone who supports a radical change in the current status quo, and does not believe the past was necessarily better. 


Apply these definitions to the following, with a small description and reasons for your labeling. Apply John Locke’s “Social Contract” theory if applicable.


2a. Loyalists and Patriots during the American War for



2b. the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd meetings of the Continental Congress

      (provide the dates for the convening of these meetings)


2c. John Dickinson


2d. Robert Morris


3. What and when was the Newburgh Conspiracy? Who were

     major people involved? What was the principal issue that led

     to this event? Define and explain how the following was involved:


3a. securities (do not use the modern definition; apply this to the

      time period under discussion)


3b. Bank of North America


3c. Alexander Hamilton


3c. General Horatio Gates and the Continental Army


3d. Gen. George Washington


4. What and when was the Annapolis Convention? Provide the purpose,

     whether or not the purpose was accomplished, and the result.


5. What and when was Shays’ Rebellion? How is it associated with the

    first government of the US, and why does it act as a final stimulation

    to make a change to that government?


6. Define the following terms, and relate your definition – with examples as appropriate — to the period of study in this worksheet:

A. republic

B. confederation

C. nationalism

D. democracy

  E. federalism




These are all short essay answer questions. They require What, When (Dates), Why and Outcomes

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