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Define the words and answer the questions

Articles of Confederation Northwest Ordnance James Madison

Land Ordnance of 1785 The Constitution The Bill of Rights

Shay’s Rebellion Virginia Plan Fallen Timbers

Philadelphia Convention Alexander Hamilton The XYZ Affair

The Great Compromise The 3/5ths Compromise Jay’s Treaty

The Tariff Whiskey Rebellion Anti-federalists

The Federalist Papers Quasi-War with France New Jersey Plan

Alien & Sedition Acts The 1st Bank of the U.S. Federalist Party

Jeffersonian Republicans Kentucky & Virginia Resolutions

The French Revolution Pinckney’s Treaty “checks & balances” “separation of powers” The Farewell Address

Why were the Articles of Confederation fatally flawed as our nation’s first constitution, and why did the efforts to amend them fail?

Describe the events that led to the convening of the Constitutional Convention in 1787. How did the delegates to it exceed their authority?

What were the key issues at the Constitutional Convention, and how were they settled?

Describe the process by which the Constitution was ratified. How was the process weighted in favor of ratification?

What were the political principles embodied in the Constitution, and how did it strengthen the powers of the national government?

What were the provisions of Alexander Hamilton’s financial program for the national government, what opposition did it encounter, and how was it adopted?

What political tradition did Washington establish by not running for a third term as President?

What advice did George Washington give to the nation in his Farewell Address?

What was the first truly contested Presidential election in our history, and what were its results?

What were the general differences in political philosophy between Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson?

How did the United States respond to the outbreak of the Napoleonic Wars in Europe between Britain and France, and what impact did their conflict have on our nation?

What were the causes and results of our undeclared war with France at the end of the 18th century?

What was the cause of the Whiskey Rebellion? How did the government’s handling of it differ from its earlier response to Shay’s Rebellion?


William Henry Harrison Hartford Convention Napoleon

Aaron Burr Albert Gallatin Barbary pirates

The Louisiana Purchase Lewis & Clark Tripoli

John Marshall Marbury vs. Madison Tippecanoe

Orders in Council “Midnight Judges” Henry Clay Tecumseh Berlin & Milan Decrees Embargo Act

William Henry Harrison The War Hawks Impressment Chesapeake Affair Lake Erie Fort Mims Oliver Hazard Perry Battle of New Orleans Plattsburg

Fort McHenry Treaty of Ghent Francis Scott Key

Non-Intercourse Act Macon’s Bill No. 2 Andrew Jackson

Thomas MacDonough Creek Indians

Why did the Presidential election of 1800 end in a tie, how was the tie broken, and what step was taken to ensure that a similar situation never occurred again?

Why was the inauguration of Thomas Jefferson as President in 1801 considered a major milestone in the political history of the United States?

What assumptions and beliefs did Thomas Jefferson bring into office with him, and what impact did they have on his policies as President?

How did the military stalemate between Great Britain and France during the Napoleonic Wars affect the United States? What policy did Jefferson adopt in order to get both nations to respect our neutral rights, and how successful was it?

What is the power of “Judicial Review”, how did the Supreme Court obtain it, and when did it first exercise that power?

Why was the United States able to obtain Louisiana, and why did it want that territory?. What political and constitutional dilemma did its purchase pose for Jefferson, and how did he resolve it?

Why did the United States declare war against Great Britain in 1812, and what were the results of the ensuing war? What military strategy did the United States follow in that conflict?

What impact did the apparent defeat of Napoleon in Europe in the spring of 1814 have on the course of the War of 1812 in America?

What did the United States gain from the War of 1812?

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