History Essay Help !! (MUST HAVE a textbook)

Choose One of the following and write a thoughful, argument-driven essay.


1.        1.Demonstrate the role of nationalism in the rhetoric of political leaders.


2.         2.Explain how the economy that emerged during the Industrial Revolution led to political shifts across the globe. 


(3-5 pages, double spaced) 


Ask yourself


  • Do you have a clear thesis in your introduction?
  • Have you quoted from THREE distinct primary source documents?
  • You MUST use the Reader or ‘green page’ Strayer sources. Visual sources or ‘white page’ sources may be used only in addition to three of the former.
  • Have you parenthetically cited each quotation?
  • Ex: John Locke preferred pizza fresh out of the oven. ” I like when it burns the topof your mouth,” Locke wrote (Reader, p.5). On the other hand, Kangxi fought a war in support of cold pizza, writing, “What’s better than opening the fridge and finding a nice slice just waiting for you?” (Strayer, pp 657-658). Locke and Kangxi’s opposing statements demonstrate the tension surrounding pizza consumption in the early modern era 
  • You must incorporate the above (thesis, evidence, citation) in order to score above a C 
  • Please do NOT do any outside research. You should be able to answer the question using only the textbook, primary source readings, and lecture notes.

A Brief Title 


1. Introduction


a. General opening statement

b. Essay mapping

c. Ends with a thesis statement


2. Paragraph 1


a. Begins with a topic sentence

b. Incorporates the quote, with a citation

c. Explains WHY the quote supports the argument (thesis)


3. Paragraph II, III, etc. Follow the same pattern as Paragraph 1.


4. You may choose to include a counterfactual, in which you present an argument that disagrees with your thesis. After you present the counter-argument, you should then explain why your argument is the stronger one. 


5. Conclusion 


a. Quickly wrap up your big ideas. A strong method of doing so is to restate your thesis in different words. You might also consider throwing in an idea that a bigger essay could examine.


(Must to have a textbook “Ways of the World second edition Vol.2 : Since the Fifthteenth Century by Robert W. Strayer) 

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