History-Corrections Needed

Name the person/place/ thing being described.

1. Truman cold war policy US cold war policy dedicated to keeping Communism restricted to those lands it was established in.

2.Napoleonic US War caused primarily by impressments and perceived violations of our neutral rights.

3.Sovereignty Principle that holds that a government is sovereign within its borders and can control all that goes on within the country.

4The good neighbor policy FDR’s policy towards the America’s based on “respect for the rights of others.

5. Monroe Doctrine America policy which closed Western Hemisphere to European colonization.

6. Mutual assured Destruction Cold war doctrine aimed at creating military balance between US/USSR in order to prevent either from attacking the other.

7State . To be one of these you need, territory, sovereignty, legitimate government and people w/ common identity.

8. world war 1 Submarines and the Zimmerman Telegram got the US into this war.

9. Manifest Destiny Term that illustrated belief that US should occupy/own the entire N. American continent.

10. Theodore Roosevelt American naval historian and writer whose ideas were instrumental in moving US to a more active role in world affairs.

11.____________Modern foreign policy theory that holds that the US is the most powerful nation in world and as such should exercise its power when and where it feels the necessity.

12Truman__Doctrine which pledged US support and aid for any government threatened by Communists.

13. ____________ US foreign policy doctrine best stated by G. Washington’s admonition to “avoid entangling alliances” because “our detached and distant situation invites and enables us to pursue a different course…”

14._cold war_This war marked the beginning of the USA as an imperialist nation.

15.Jury This means that the people accept the right of their government to rule over them.

16. Treaty An agreement between the President and the leader of another country which does not require Senate approval.

17. _ Korematsu v. United States Supreme Court case which granted the President extensive “war powers”

18. War Powers Resolution Vietnam era law that attempted to rein in President’s military powers.

19. Marshall Plan. US foreign policy to rebuild economies of Western Europe after WWII

20. Monroe Doctrine US war primarily related to the idea of Manifest Destiny.

Easy Trivia Bonus, One Point. Who was the first US President to win the Nobel Peace Prize??

Theodore Roosevelt

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