History Civilization

  1. Open a web browser and type in the address bar – secondlife.com

    Scroll down the page and click on Download Second Life

  2. The Second Life Viewer Download Page opens.

    Click on Download the SL Viewer on Windows.Download the program and then install it by clicking RUN.Use the default settings.

  3. After installation the program will ask “Start Second Life now?”

    Click yes.

  4. The main page will open.

    In the bottom right corner of the page click “start now”

  5. A web page opens up and asks you to choose your avatar.

    Choose anyone you like. You can change it later.

  6. You will be asked to create a username.

    You must follow the exact directions here.Enter any user name you wish, but you must preface it with UA13.For example, if I wanted it to be Danny, it would be UA13Danny.Check availability and click next step.

  7. Enter required information

    Use your ualr email please.——–> (pmbrooks1@ualr.edu)Anything else is up to you.Click Create Account

  8. You do not need to download and install because this has already been done.

    Exit out of web browser.Go back to the Second Life Viewer.Type in the name you chose “UA13Danny” in my case and your password.Agree to the terms

  9. Wonder around in the entry area.

    Fool around here a bit to learn how to control your personArrow keys move directions.There are many more control options you can figure out later.

  10. In what looks like an address bar at the top of the screen type: Arkansas K-20 Center

    Hit enter.You will be teleported to the home location of Arkansas State University’s Distance Education Virtual World.

  11. Walk around play a bit here. Note the various structures.

  12. At the left of the screen click the magnifying glass

    A search screen opens.Type: Arkansas historyOn the other side of the bar it says Everything.Change everything to people and click search.Arkansas History (ArkansasHistory) rated G will appear.Click IM under the name.Another window opens on the right.Click Add FriendAnother window opens saying “Would you be my friend?”Add your full name after that question and press OK





    Wonder around the island and note the architectural, cultural social aspects of the buildings from Egypt, Rome, Greece (including the theoretical temple), and ASU’s Wilson Hall.Write a two page paper using standard font and rules.  The questions you must answer are:What did you learn from the virtual world that you may not have noticed in a flat picture or book?What are the significant differences and similarities in the representations?After you passed the aggravating setup and technology, was it a bit of fun? Any other information taken from this adventure should be included.

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