Help in Microsoft Excel Serious Inquiries only

Must know Excel and formuals well. I want to compare someones answers with my own to see there layout vs. mine.

BOTE 347 – “Last” Excel Project
Excel Project: use your skills in problem solving, creative thinking, and Excel to create a worksheet that will provide a

“check register” type of format/layout for use in the following scenario:

You are a volunteer member of the local community park district serving as the treasurer. Your duties include

tracking, via Excel spreadsheet, all the transactions for this group.


 Use Excel to create a new blank document; name it FIRST NAME LAST NAME Check Register. (use “your own”

first and last name!)

 Create a spreadsheet that will track receipts and expenditures. You will need to decide what column headings

and row headings should be used and in what order they should appear.

o You may want to consider using columns for each of the deposit and expenditure categories

o You will probably need a “running balance” column at the far right of all the columns that will

add/subtract what was in that row (entry) and subtract it from the previous balance in the cell above it

o You will probably want to have a “total” row across bottom to provide “totals” for each category of

expense or receipt

o I’d suggest planning your layout on a sheet of paper to try figure out how you want it to look before you

begin; that is usually the best approach to planning a spreadsheet!

 Deposits will be tracked in the following 3 categories 1) donations, 2) concessions, and 3) tickets

 Expenditures must be tracked in the following five categories: Uniforms, Marketing, Operating &

Maintenance, Salaries, and Concessions

 For each entry (row?) in this check register, you should include Date, Amount of Payment, Check/Reference

Number, Recipient, and an Item Description (these are also probably columns…?)

 When finished, make sure the file “looks” good with appropriate formatting etc.

 Upload the file when it is completed.

Data to use for each entry (row):

1. June 1; starting balance; $1,895.04

2. June 1; check #, 789; payment to ABC Repair for mower; $142.78

3. June 3; check # 790; salary payment Jon Wilson; to park supervisor; $300

4. June 4: check #791; payment to City Tribune; payment for ad (summer park schedule); $35

5. June 7; check #792; payment to Sports Inc. (balance due for uniform replacement); $450

6. June 10; donation from “Anonymous”; $1000

7. June 11; deposit from concessions; $194.50

8. June 11; deposit from tickets; $330

9. June 12: deposit from concessions; $200.75

10. June 12: deposit from tickets; $470

11. June 17; check #793; salary payment to Jon Wilson, park supervisor; $300

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