COMP102-1301A-04 Introduction to Computers Lab
Assignment Name: Unit 1 Individual Project
Deliverable Length: Word Document

When attending school, one of the first steps you learn is to be organized. Being organized applies not only to your daily life, but to your computer as well. While you are in school, you will write papers, complete spreadsheets and do presentations for all of the classes you take. After a few classes, you will notice that you have quite a few files. These will be not only the papers that you turned in as assignments, but various rough drafts and different versions of the items you completed for all of your classes. This can eventually add up to hundreds of files.

A good file management system is necessary to organize your files. A file management system is made up of files and file folders. You can copy, delete, rename and move these files and folders around as like.

For this lab, you will create a file management structure for your classes here at AIU. You will follow the steps listed below to create this file structure. After you create this file structure, you will create a screenshot using “Print Screen,” or you will use the Snipping Tool that is in Windows 7. This will create a copy of your file structure that you can then paste into a Word document that you will turn in. Please refer to the Web Resources section for help with creating a screenshot.

You will begin this lab by doing the following:

Step 1: Right-click on the Windows Start button, and open Windows Explorer.Step 2: Go to My Documents.Step 3: Under My Documents, create a folder named “AIU.” After this folder is created, click on the new folder.Step 4: Create a new folder named “COMP102.”Step 5: Start WordStep 6: Save a new document as your First Name, Last Name, IP1 (e.g., JohnDoeIP1) in the COMP102 folder.Step 7: Go to Windows Explorer. Take a screenshot of how your directory looks by using the Snipping Tool in Windows 7 or by doing a Print Screen. The copy command (ctrl+c) will put a picture of your file structure in your clipboard.Step 8: In your Word document, paste the picture of your directory structure. It should look like the example below. It does not have to look exactly like this, but it should show the AIU folder and the COMP102 folder.


Step 9: Submit your Word document.

Please submit your assignment.

For assistance with your assignment, please use your text, Web resources, and all course materials.

Course Materials

Points Possible: 140
Date Due: Sunday, Feb 17, 2013
Objective: Use an operating system for file management i.e. organizing files/folders, copying, deleting etc.
Submitted Files: Submit Assignment
Score: N/A
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