Great Gatsby

Great Gatsby
Chapter 4
1. How mant parties have been described up to this point in the tale?
2. What is the function of these parties for the reader?
3. Why does Fitzgerald give us a three page list of who is in attendance at the party at Gatsby’s?
4. What is the habit Nick notices about Gatsby while they are in the car talking?
5. What is Gatsby professed background?
6. What are some of the things Gatsby says that seems odd to Nick?
7. When Nick is incredulous and feels he can’t possibly believe Gatsby’s stories, what does Gatsby do that convinces him?
8. What occours as Gatsby races through the Valley of Ashes?
9. Who do Gatsby and Nick meet for lunch; describe him.
10. Who does Nick introduce Gatsby to at the restaurant and how does Gatsby behave?

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