Due tomorrow April 4, by midland central time!! 

Assignment Three – Essay Questions

Follow the same instructions found under the Assignment One Essay Questions.

1. When conducting a public opinion poll, what things must be taken into consideration and what problems might there be? Go online to a polling organization (i.e. Gallup, Pew) and choose a poll to analyze in light of what you have learned about polls.

2. Explain those factors that influence political socialization. Then discuss which factors have influenced you and how.

3. Explain which people are least likely to vote. How does this affect government policies?

4. Pick an evening to watch both the national and local news on ABC, CBS or NBC on television. Compare and contrast the stories that were covered on both broadcasts (discuss the top five stories). Also, comment on if you detected any bias in the coverage of the news.

5. Discuss the organization of the three main types of city government. Also, discuss the place, at-large and single-member election systems. For the city in which you are attending college, find out what type of city government is used in your city, who the elected officials are, and the type of election system.

6. Discuss what special districts are and why they are increasing in number so rapidly. Again, for the city in which you are attending college, do some research and find a special district. Explain the function of that special district, who serves on it and how they are selected.

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