Global Brand Marketing Question

Each question much have an answer of 250 words

Assignment 4.2

1. Describe an experience with a brand that has done a great job with relationship marketing, permission marketing, experiential marketing, interactive marketing, or one-to-one marketing? Select just one and discuss. What did the company do?  Why was it effective?  What could other firms learn from that?

2. For each of the four Ps, identify an exemplar brand whose strategy is different from and superior to that of its competition. Discuss the role the particular strategy plays in the brand’s success. For example, Microsoft has an outstanding record of new product hits; Wal-Mart’s pricing strategy is a major factor behind the retailer’s market domination; BP’s policy of not locating gas stations on corner properties gives it a distribution cost advantage over rivals; Snapple’s unique advertising quickly built national awareness and preference for what initially was a tiny, unknown brand



2. Price

3. Place

4. Promotion


3. Select a website (appropriate for a college-level class and not offensive). Analyze how the site functions as a marketing communication vehicle. Provide the website link in your post.

4. View the Creative J, Jen Miller, guest speaker video in this week’s assignments tab. Discuss the top five promotional products/branded merchandise that are currently used today. What type of products does your company/organization use? What are some other uses for branded merchandise not discussed in the video?

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