Geography hwk

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Dangerscan come from Mt. Rainier even without an eruption. By looking at the map you can see

that this volcano has caused many lahars over time. Today the volcano is showing signs of activity.
Acid water has turned the upper slopes of the volcano into clay making them as risk for slope failure
and causing a lahare as the glaciers melt. The city you are concerned with is Orting. Orting is in
danger from both small and large lahars. The blue lines are rivers and streams. To determine the
distance you must measure the actual length of the stream. Start at the red star in the center of Mt.
Rainier and measure to the star at Orting

1. What is the distance from the top of Mt. Rainier to Orting along the Payallup river (starting

at the center of the cone marked by a red star burst and measuring the branch marked

by the arrows)?

2. If a lahar travels at 20 miles/ hour how much time does Orting have to evacuate? (Divide

the distance from 13 by 20 miles/hour = number of hours).

3. If a pyroclastic flow can travel at speeds of 100 mph how many minutes do the people at

Paradise have to escape from danger?

4. How many minutes do the people at Sunset have to escape from danger?

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