For Phyllis Young!

Youwork as an advisor to the CEO of HiHo Business Preparatory Agency, a company that prepares recent graduates to enter the workplace. As the project leader for an initiative known as the “Dress for Success” seminar, you have been asked to advise your employer, Ty A. Goodknot, which website you believe would be most effective in teaching male clients of HiHo Business Preparatory Agency how to tie a necktie.

For this assignment you will be writing a shortened version of the recommendation report discussed in Ch 19. Using the 6 websites above you will pick 3 and analyze them using what you have learned about effective writing. Then, out of the three you have chosen, you will pick ONE and recommend that site to Mr. Goodknot.


· Do a complete analysis of all three sites, describing what is effective and what is not, what you like about the site, what you dislike about the site and WHY. Specific references to Markel’s suggestions are expected.

· Paper must be a minimum of 1500 words

· Use APA STYLE for in text citations and your referencespage

· Refer to the elements of a recommendation report found in Ch 19

The following elements of a recommendation are REQUIRED

· Letter of Transmittal

· Title Page

· Abstract

· Body: Introduction, Methods, Results, Conclusions and Recommendations

· References page

This assignment is, in effect, your final exam. One goal is to see if you have learned enough about professional writing and communication (from our textbook by Markel) to be able to compare and critique the writing and visual design of other professional documents (the 3 “tie” websites you choose) The other goal is to see if you can write a long report.

The primary task of the FRR (Final Recommendation Report) is to evaluate options and present a recommendation (unlike the memo proposal, which only discussed options without picking one). To argue for one website, you first need to evaluate the different options; so I will expect you to thoroughly analyze each of the three websites you pick (detailed cons and pros), paying attention to all of the elements of the websites:

· Writing

· Images

· Layout

· Visual Design Overall – other elements like colors, tables, HTML effects, etc

NOTE: When analyzing visual design, it is very helpful to take screenshots of the websites and include them in your report, if you do so however, be sure to properly cite them using APA style

Then you will explicitly compare the 3 options and explain in detail why you think one of them is the best option.

This is a long assignment (1500 words is roughly 3 full single spaced pages, with headings/tables/graphics/etc. plus having the different sections on separate pages, this can easily extend anywhere from 5 to 10 pages overall) so it is imperative that you use headings and subheadings to organize your writings.

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