For Henry Only- 800-1000 word Essay answering Every question


Assignment Guidelines


•Address the following in 800–1,000 words:


◦Identify and discuss the historical development of corrections in the United States and its influences.


■How has corrections evolved since the early years of the United States? Explain.


■What were the major milestones in corrections throughout U.S. history? Explain.


◦Define penitentiary.


■From where was the concept derived? Explain.


◦Describe and explain the rationale behind the following models:


■Penitence model


■Reformatory model


■Medical model


■Reintegration model


■Community-based corrections


■Crime-control model


◦Discuss the major components and pros and cons of each above model. 


■Which model is mainly used today? Provide examples.


•Be sure to reference all sources using APA style. (At least 2 reliable references)


Must have cover page, abstract, body, and reference page


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