Financial analysis


 I am doing my analysis on UPS…since I’ve been chosing this company in past classes


FINC 211 Students:


Please choose a publically traded company to do an in-depth analysis on. Your company choice must be turned into me by week 5. If you choose your company earlier, please let me know so that I can avoid duplicates. In your paper, please give me a brief history of the company, describe the products or services that the company sells, describe the geographical market the company operates in, do a financial analysis of the company using methods from chapters 3 and 4. Please present the detailed analysis in an appendix with a brief description of the analysis in the body of the text. Appendices do not count towards length. Do a comparison of them with their main competitors – please do a financial comparison of key financial components – ratios, common size analysis etc. in an Appendix with a summary of findings in the body of the text.  Answer a few key questions about this company – Would you invest in them? If so, what kind of investment would you make? Would it be a short term (day trade), mid-term (less than 5 years) or long term (greater than 5 years). Does the company pay dividends? If not, is it expected to in the future?  Would you work for them? Why or why not?


Paper is to be 7 pages in length not including appendices, in APA format with a minimum of 7 academic strength references.


FINC 510 Students:


Please see the FINC 211 assignment, but, please add the following – 3 more pages in length, 3 more references, an analysis of the overall competitive market, a more in-depth analysis of the competition, and detail if you would invest in the industry, and if so, which 2 companies would you choose to invest in and why.


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