final draft due 1:00 am in California time


Essay 2: Description and Analysis



Write an essay in which you describe and analyze a print advertisement. Your introductory paragraph should create a word picture describing the advertisement in detail. Your thesis should make a clear, focused they say/I say claim in which you take a stand on the advertisement’s communication’s objective and what ideas or values it communicates.

            Your body paragraphs should support your thesis with evidence from the advertisment itself and with quotes from 2 readings from this progression.  You must connect the visual images in the ad to the feelings and ideas they communicate, then use your readings to support your interpretation of the meaning of those images. Be sure to discuss who is the intended audience for this advertisement, and why and how it gets viewers’ attention.

            You might also consider what ideas your ad communicates about sex, gender and/or desire.  What world or worldview does the image communicate?  Why?  How?  Does it depict men’s men, men’s women, women’s men, or women’s women? What are the hidden beliefs or assumptions underneath the ad?  How do they connect to the visual images?  What should your reader do or think about this?  Your evidence must include details from your advertisements and quotes from 2 readings for this progression in addition to your personal reactions to and interpretation of the images.


Manuscript notes: Your first draft must be at least 2.5 pages, typed, double-spaced, in 12-pt. Times New Roman font with 1” margins.  Your final draft must be at least 1000 words and must be submitted online to TurnItIn in addition to the hard copy brought to class. You must have page numbers and a creative title that reflects the content of the essay.  Be sure to have an MLA formatted works cited and proper internal citations.

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