essay on compare and contrast about me and my best friend  or any topic 


* 250 to 500 words 

* first draft need it in 12 hours 

* double space, 12 size

Guided Writing Assignment 3

Length: 250-500 words Total points: 50 points

Review the instructions in the course pack.

Submission Requirements
See the formatting guidelines on pages 336 and 337 of Harbrace Essentiqls.

Grading Criteria: Your paper will be graded according to the following criteria.
Plagiarism will result in a failing grade for the paper and perhaps for the course as well.



Your essay includes a clear, meaningful examination of similarities
and/or differences.

_ The essay is organized according to the steps outlined in the


_ Submission and length requirements have been met.


The writing employs words and sentence structures appropriate to the
demands of the rhetorical situation.

_ The essay is coherent and unified.
_ The essay is free of proofreading errors.
Review the following chapters in Harbrace Essentials:

TorAL: Because this assignment is worth a total of 50 points, the raw
score is multiplied by two.




Guided Writing Assignment:
Comparison and Contrast

Adapted from The Short Prose Reader by Gilbert H. Muller and Harvey S. Wiener.

Comparing means looking for similarities. Contrasfing means looking for differences. When
writing a comparison-and-contrast essay, you will analyze similarities and differences
between two or more things, people, or experiences. Usually the purpose of such an essay is
to help you decide which is better. For example, you might compare and contrast rap music
and iazz in order to say that jazz is better. But sometimes a comparison and contrast is
written simply to examine the relationship between things, people, or experiences. In
“Mom’s unforgiving Mirror,” Deborah rannen compares and contrasts mothers and
daughters, using the differences in behavior to illuminate the relationship between them.

After you read “Mom’s Unforgiving Mirror,” write an essay in which you also examine two
family members and their relationships to each other-for example, fathers and sons, or
brothers and sisters.

1. First, introduce to your audience the two family figures you will be comparing and
contrasting in your essay.

2. In the first paragraph, provide a thesis statement that serves as the governing idea
ofthe paper.

3. Use a specific pattern to develop the thesis. Either discuss each family figure in turn
(the block method) or alternate between the family figures based on traits [the
alternating method). You can also try experimenting with a combination of the

4. Use personal stories about your own family members or the family members of
friends to help illustrate your points about these two family figures.

5. You are welcome to use a motif or pattern flike Tannen’s mirror) to help keep your
essay unified and organized. A motif or pattern can also help clue your readers in to
ideas and dnrich parts ofyour essay.

6. Conclude by restating your thesis in different language and summarizing the main
ideas you raised in the introduction and throughou! the paper about each family

. Areas of Comparison


. Areas of Contrast



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