English Essay Descriptive writing.

For this assignment, you will be writing one paragraph (4-5 sentences) about each of the following topics. Your paragraph should be grammatically correct, well-developed, and highly descriptive. Use fresh, vivid language and examples.

  1. The beach
  2. Your room
  3. A park
  4. A roller-coaster
  5. The zoo
  6. Ice cream
  7. A football game
  8. A new car
  9. Your favorite holiday
  10. The mall or store

IMPORTANT NOTE: You are not supposed to simply describe these events or places. You need to use descriptive language. Descriptive language is about the words you choose. For example: If I were to write about my cat I could say, “Marley is an orange and white cat that does not have a tail. He likes to sit in my lap and purr.” This is not descriptive language. Even though I have described my cat, I have not used descriptive language. For this assignment I may say, “Marley’s soft pelt is white on his hefty tummy and a smidgeon of orange on his reedy backbone. As is emblematic for felines, Marley adores to coil in my lap and purr while being stroked gently between his ears.”

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