English Business

Spring 2013

Employment Assignment

Resume/Letter of Application/Interview


To prepare for your job search

Due Dates: Monday February 25


Using resources in your textbook, specifically Chapter 5 and notes taken during class lectures, create a resume. This will be a printed, not online, resume. This is your real resume, not your fantasy of a resume for after you have earned your MBA.

Letter of Application:

Following business letter format and the model shown in the textbook, write a one-page letter of application for a summer job or internship making your availability clear, i.e. state that you need to return to school full time on a particular date in late August.


We will workshop both the resume and the letter of application in your groups on Monday, February 25. The following Wednesday, I will randomly assign partners (who are not in your groups) for a mock interview. You must be prepared for BOTH being interviewed AND interviewing. That means that you will have your resume and letter of application ready on Wednesday, February 27, along with 5 questions of the type someone can expect at a job interview. Notes are to be taken and turned in with your own resume. Make sure you have your name and the name of the classmate you interviewed on your notes.

Note: Make sure that your resume and letter “go together” so that you emphasize skills in your resume that are applicable to the job/internship you are seeking.

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